Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camera Battery Not Charged AGAIN!!!

I did it again!!!  I went on a hike/photo shoot on Monday and when I arrived at my destination Sage Mountain National Park, I checked the contents of my new camera bag only to realized that the camera battery needed charging!!!!  There was not even charge to take a few pictures.  I was determined to do the photo walk that day because I had been planning it for a few days well.

I returned home, had some thing to eat while the battery charged. I returned to Sage Mountain National Park and did my photo walk/hike.  The area is forested and very shaded so even though it was day light, my flash came on every time I took a picture.  With the pictures, the background was very dark and I was not very pleased with the results.

In this photo below, my focus was on the moss on the trunk of this very old tree.  As you can see the background is very dark.

My next camera gear purchase will be an external flash.  I will have to do a search in Amazon, and add it to my Wish List and start External Flash savings.

I am expecting to collect a payment from Infolinks (one of my passive incomes) so this will be the start of my external flash savings!

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