Sunday, April 29, 2012

I can display my pictures on my jump drive on my Kodak Picture Frame!

The size of the memory card on my Kodak Easyshare picture frame is 16MB.  This card came with the picture frame.  I purchased another memory card from my local computer store, with more capacity but the picture frame did not recognize the card.  I eventually returned the card and was granted a refund.

I decided to purchase a 4 gig memory card from Amazon, I was very careful in selecting one that should work with my picture frame.  Eventually the card arrived but unfortunately this one did not work either.  I was very disappointed - I was so excited to add a set of pictures of my trips to St. Vincent and Trinidad.

This morning - April 29 - I woke up with the idea to try a jump drive, I really did not remember that there is a USB port at the side of the picture frame.  With only one attempt, the picture frame was able to read my jump drive!!!  SUCCESS!!!!

I have downloaded some photo and am now enjoying our memories from our 2010 and 2011 trips.  I think I will get another Picture Frame so I can display my photography.

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