Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Glass Of Green Smoothie A Day

I recently learned about Green Smoothies and here is what a glass of Green Smoothie looks like.  My doctor told me last year that I should eat alot of green leafy vegetables. To be honest I have not been following his advice.  Drinking Green Smoothies, which consists of alot of green leafy vegetables and fruits, allows me to easily accomplish this task.  They are easy to prepare and trust me, they are taste really good. 

Some people have reported that they have lost weight while drinking Green Smoothies, their high blood pressure and diabetes have been kept under control.
I use vegetables like baby spinach, celery, lettuce,cucumber, kale, carrots, ginger, garlic, beet.  For fruits, I use bananas, strawberries, apples. You can be very creative when making Green Smoothies.  I drink a glass of Green Smoothie about three times a day, one in the morning, one mid day and another in the evening.  I have passed this wonderful information to my husband - green smoothie are good for our health  - he drinks one every morning.  

I watched a few Youtube videos learning about Green Smoothies and something one of the authors said that stuck out at me.  She said let's add more green to our diet and reduce white - like white bread, white rice and white flour!

At every opportunity I get, I intend to pass on the Green Smoothie word to my friends and family.  Read this article that I wrote about Green Smoothies for good health and weight loss.


  1. Hi Martina....they are really good for husband & I juice a lot. I use the fresh ginger sparingly because it is very strong in flavor. Drink to good health!

    1. Hello Linda,
      Thanks for commenting. My son gave me a juicer for my Christmas last year and I really did not like the fact that I had to discard the pulp etc after all the juices had been extracted.

      Making green smoothies, ever part of the fruits and vegetables are blended and I consume all of it. I really enjoy my Green Smoothies and am so happy and grateful that I was introducted to them. I try to avoid taking medication as much as I can. I believe 100% in going the natural way.

      I am trying to get my husband involved - gradually.

      Good health to you and your husband.


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