Monday, June 18, 2012

Make Your Own Passport Photos At Home

We pay so much for passports photos annually so as a photographer  I thought why not take my own passport photo.  You see in the British Virgin Islands many of us residents have to get work permits every year to be legally employed in the territory.  Nationals of Jamaica, Guyana and Santo Domingo are required to have visas in addition to the work permits and these visas require passport photos as well.
We are required to take new photos every year - the photos that were used the previous years cannot be reused.  Therefore many of us have extra passport photos lying around out homes.  Here is more detailed information on How to Make Your Passport Photos At Home

Monday, June 11, 2012

Now I Forgot My Memory Card

I did a post before about making sure that your camera battery is fully charged before going on a photo session.  Now a few days a go I went into town and took my camera bag with me - ready for any thing.  It so happened that when I was relaxing at the cruise ship dock, Road Town Tortola, I heard some music playing and realized that there was a parade for the Queen's birthday (it was a public holiday).  I took out my camera and attempted to take a few shots in preparation for takings pictures of the parade.

I realized that nothing was happening.  On checking my camera, I remembered that I did not return the memory card from my computer to the camera!

Previously I would download my photos by connecting the camera to my computer with the USB. Now I just remove the memory card and insert into my computer. Downloading my photos this way, I find I forget to put back the memory card into the camera if I do not do it right after I have completed downloading the photos.