Monday, June 11, 2012

Now I Forgot My Memory Card

I did a post before about making sure that your camera battery is fully charged before going on a photo session.  Now a few days a go I went into town and took my camera bag with me - ready for any thing.  It so happened that when I was relaxing at the cruise ship dock, Road Town Tortola, I heard some music playing and realized that there was a parade for the Queen's birthday (it was a public holiday).  I took out my camera and attempted to take a few shots in preparation for takings pictures of the parade.

I realized that nothing was happening.  On checking my camera, I remembered that I did not return the memory card from my computer to the camera!

Previously I would download my photos by connecting the camera to my computer with the USB. Now I just remove the memory card and insert into my computer. Downloading my photos this way, I find I forget to put back the memory card into the camera if I do not do it right after I have completed downloading the photos.

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