Sunday, August 26, 2012

BVI Tourist Board Photo Competition

BVI Tourist Board is hosting a photo competition from August 9th to September 30th!  There would be two categories, one for professionals and the other for amateurs.  I would most definitely be entering this competition. 

The theme of the competition is for viewers to see the British Virgin Islands from the photographer's point of view.

Today as I was taking my daily walk I pondered, for quite some time, about what I should take a photograph of.  As I was taking a shower after I had finished my walk, I got an idea.  I was bathing in an inside/outside bathroom in a villa owned by Surfsong Villa Resort.  You have to enter the villa to get access to the bathroom which has no roof and is enclosed by some beautiful rocks.  When I first saw this inside/outside bathroom I was blown away, it is an ingenious idea!

As I was taking my shower in this inside/outside bathroom, I was inspired for my photo for the photo competition!!!!  I want to do something different, averagely people will take pictures of sunsets, the beautiful beaches but I wanted to do something original and to the core of the beauty of the BVI!  Wish me luck!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

My New Pretty Photo Gallery

My current photo gallery is hosted by Zenfolio but to be honest I am not pleased with the amount of traffic the site is getting.  Why pay $50.00 per annum for bassically no traffic. 

I know what Site Build It can and has done thus far for my website (traffic and it increases every month) so I found a way to have SBI host my poto gallery - at no extra cost.

Ever heard about Pretty PhotoThe PrettyPhoto plugin ("pp") is what's commonly called a 'lightbox".  It's really more like a gallery but it's not just for photos. 

You can embed videos, text or literally anything else you want to display on your page using a little javascript and a little HTML.
Why I did not use Pretty Photo before going to Zenfolio?  SBI templates did not really fall in line for what I wanted.  It is only recently in one of SBI newletters, there was an article about creating a photo gallery using PrettyPhoto - BOOM!  
So here is my new New Photo Gallery  I am really pleased with results.

Expecting A Baby Brother?

On July 23, 2012 (a very significant day for me) I went to the hospital in St. Thomas - you see my first grandchild - a boy - was about to be born that day.  As I entered the waiting room I saw four young ladies (sisters) and they were all dressed very similar - short jeans skirt, jeans west coat.  The jerseys were different, they even wore the same design slippers!  They looked so cute.  To me this meant that they all had a good relationship. 

For some reason they attracted my attention.  They were waiting with their father for the arrival of their new baby brother???  There were well behaved. 
I was able to visit my daughter-in-law while she was in labour and when I was leaving her room, I saw another mother in labour as well and right away I knew that this lady was the girls mother.  They resembled her!
After a while these two fell asleep and I sneaked a photo of them.  This is the first time I am downloading the photos that I took from my new iPhone.  When I first viewed them (before downloading them) they looked out of focus - I almost deleted them.  I eventually downloaded them to my computer and they look great!

BTW my grandson, K'lam Marcus Vialva, was born at about 5:00pm but I had to leave about 3:00pm to get the ferry to return home (Tortola BVI).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moko Jumbie Sticks British Virgin Islands

Ever seen the sticks that the Moko Jumbies walk on?  Well here they are.  I saw them at the car wash in Greenland, Tortola while I was having my vehicle washed yesterday.  These sticks were used at the August Festival in East End, Tortola August 8, 2012.  I think that the people who choose to learn to walk on these are very brave and talented.

The second photo reminds of a shoe display at a show store!

Here are a group of Moko Jumbies aka Stick Walkers waiting to do their thing at the East End (Tortola BVI) parade on Wednesday August 8,2012
Photos taken with Nikon D60 DSLR Camera