Sunday, August 26, 2012

BVI Tourist Board Photo Competition

BVI Tourist Board is hosting a photo competition from August 9th to September 30th!  There would be two categories, one for professionals and the other for amateurs.  I would most definitely be entering this competition. 

The theme of the competition is for viewers to see the British Virgin Islands from the photographer's point of view.

Today as I was taking my daily walk I pondered, for quite some time, about what I should take a photograph of.  As I was taking a shower after I had finished my walk, I got an idea.  I was bathing in an inside/outside bathroom in a villa owned by Surfsong Villa Resort.  You have to enter the villa to get access to the bathroom which has no roof and is enclosed by some beautiful rocks.  When I first saw this inside/outside bathroom I was blown away, it is an ingenious idea!

As I was taking my shower in this inside/outside bathroom, I was inspired for my photo for the photo competition!!!!  I want to do something different, averagely people will take pictures of sunsets, the beautiful beaches but I wanted to do something original and to the core of the beauty of the BVI!  Wish me luck!!!

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