Monday, August 20, 2012

Expecting A Baby Brother?

On July 23, 2012 (a very significant day for me) I went to the hospital in St. Thomas - you see my first grandchild - a boy - was about to be born that day.  As I entered the waiting room I saw four young ladies (sisters) and they were all dressed very similar - short jeans skirt, jeans west coat.  The jerseys were different, they even wore the same design slippers!  They looked so cute.  To me this meant that they all had a good relationship. 

For some reason they attracted my attention.  They were waiting with their father for the arrival of their new baby brother???  There were well behaved. 
I was able to visit my daughter-in-law while she was in labour and when I was leaving her room, I saw another mother in labour as well and right away I knew that this lady was the girls mother.  They resembled her!
After a while these two fell asleep and I sneaked a photo of them.  This is the first time I am downloading the photos that I took from my new iPhone.  When I first viewed them (before downloading them) they looked out of focus - I almost deleted them.  I eventually downloaded them to my computer and they look great!

BTW my grandson, K'lam Marcus Vialva, was born at about 5:00pm but I had to leave about 3:00pm to get the ferry to return home (Tortola BVI).

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