Monday, August 20, 2012

My New Pretty Photo Gallery

My current photo gallery is hosted by Zenfolio but to be honest I am not pleased with the amount of traffic the site is getting.  Why pay $50.00 per annum for bassically no traffic. 

I know what Site Build It can and has done thus far for my website (traffic and it increases every month) so I found a way to have SBI host my poto gallery - at no extra cost.

Ever heard about Pretty PhotoThe PrettyPhoto plugin ("pp") is what's commonly called a 'lightbox".  It's really more like a gallery but it's not just for photos. 

You can embed videos, text or literally anything else you want to display on your page using a little javascript and a little HTML.
Why I did not use Pretty Photo before going to Zenfolio?  SBI templates did not really fall in line for what I wanted.  It is only recently in one of SBI newletters, there was an article about creating a photo gallery using PrettyPhoto - BOOM!  
So here is my new New Photo Gallery  I am really pleased with results.

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