Monday, October 1, 2012

Amazing Photos With Camera On Phone

Do not under estimate the great photos that can be taken with your phone's camera.  I had breakfast at the coffee shop (Island Roots) last Saturday and I took the first two photos with my iphone.  The photos are great!  Which goes to show that you don't really have to get an expensive camera to get impressive photographs. 

Below - Photo on the left:  This was taken at my work place - Surfsong Villa Resort and this is one of the villas (named Beach House) that is available for short term rentals.  The beach is just behind me where I stood to take this photo.

Below - Photo on the right: This area is a few steps away from the Beach House.  That wooden gate was installed last month to give the area a 'facelift'.  I really like the mixture of colours in this photo.

So remember if you are into photography and for some reason you do not have your expensive camera with you but you have one on your phone, don't let a photo opportunity pass by, use the camera on your phone, you will be amazed a the results you can get.

How To Take Great Pictures With Your Cell Phone

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