Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fluffy, The Dog, My New Friend

This is Fluffy my new friend.  He belongs to my neighbor and most times when he hears activities upstairs (his home is in the downstairs apartment), he will come upstairs and look for me.  Initially, he stayed away from me until I made friends with him.  I allowed him to come close to me and get my scent.  I was then able to pat his head and massage him a bit under his neck.  He likes that!  Is fur feels very course.

Most times he would approach me with his head bowed down and I would raise his head so I can look him in the eyes.  Now when he sees me he will give out a little cry and run towards me - I can tell he is happy to see me - makes me feel real special!  He is so funny, there a few wild chickens around our home and he enjoys running after the chickens.  Of course this will scare them but he means no harm.  I think this is his form of daily exercise.

The bad thing about this new friendship though is every time I make friends with my neighbor's dog, eventually I miss them and when I inquire about them, I would be told that the dog died.  I had planned to stay from Fluffy but ...  I love dogs.

November 1, 2012
After my early morning walk yesterday, I realized that I did not see my friend for a few days so I decided to go look for him.  I saw him lying in an open area close to his home.  Some how he noticed me and began to approach with uncertainty but he kept on coming closer until he was at my feet.  Well I can't express how I felt.  I never experienced this before - I am not the owner of this dog, I never fed him but I think he likes my friendship.  He left where he was and came towards me - remember he was a good distance from me.  Wow it was a special moment for me, this is a really special animal.

March 3, 2013
My friend Fluffy died today!  It is a sad day for his family and me as well.  He was well cherished and loved.  I really don't know what happened - maybe he was ate something that was not good for him.  I was hoping that he would  have time to been seen by a vet today. But I guess it was too late.  Good bye my friend!!!!

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