Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Garden - Spanish Thyme And Aloe

This is my new pride and joy.  I have always wanted a thyme plant, now I have two plants.  One was given to me by my son and I got the other one from a friend.  Initially I had them in my patio - a spot I hardly frequent - I even got some tomato and cucumber seeds but those quickly died.  I had to remember to water my plants.  I have since relocated them to an area (outside my apartment where I park my vehicle) where I can see them everyday so I would not have cause to forget to water them. 

On Saturday I went to the landscaping store and purchased some pots, top soil/fertilizer and a few mini landscaping tools.  It so happened that the store was offering a 20% discount.  As soon as I got home, I transplanted the plants from the pots that I got them in to the new pots. 

Every morning when I return from my early morning walks, I water my plants.  I have made it a routine and it is working great.  I am now seeing deep vivid green colour in the new leaves on the thyme plants whereas before the leaves were a pale green colour.  This thyme is known by the following names:  broad leaf thyme, big leaf thyme, cuban oregano, spanish thyme

I recently added some more plants to my 'garden' - The Aloe plant.  The landscapers at my work place were doing their monthly maintenance and I observed that they had planted some new plants.  On closer observation, I realized that they plants were Aloes.  I asked for a few plants and I got three!  Aloes is a great plant to have in the yard.

I have made many attempts to grow different herbs but they all died.  I eventually resigned myself to thinking that I do not have a 'green thumb'.  My mother has a green thumb, everything she plants grows well.

My husband has planted and harvested some dasheen bush in our back yard.  He had a large banana crop in St. Vincent so he is familiar with these sort of things.

Photo taken with Nikon D60 DSLR Camera

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