Friday, October 19, 2018

Trinidad And Tobago Currency - Fifties

Its not every day that you see a Trinidad and Tobago fifty dollar bill!  On my recent trip to Trinidad - 2018, I was so excited to receive one. I had one before but I ended up spending it.  This time I will be holding on to this one for a very long time.  It is so lovely!  This is the front of the note with the hibiscus flower and the coat of arms.  The next photo is of the back of the note with images of a carnival masquerader and the twin towers where the  Central Bank is located.

This next photo is of a Trinidad and Tobago fifty cents coin.  This coin is another piece that is not seen on a regular basis.  My mother gave this to me a few weeks ago.  She knows that it is a rare find.  The image on the front of the coin is of a steel band.

This is the back of the coin with the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms

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