Wednesday, May 29, 2019

How To Set Self Timer Option On Canon EOS M100 Camera

So in this blog post I am going to demonstrate how to set up the self timer option on your Canon EOS M100 camera so you can take your own photoshoot😉😉

Turn on your camera and click on the menu option click on option 6.  Here you will find the following options: 
  • Drive Mode
  • Self Timer 
  • Keep Setting 

Select the self timer.  Under this option there are four sub options, the first being the OFF option.  The second option give you 10 seconds - allowing you time to position yourself in front of the camera - before taking a shot.  The third option gives you two seconds before taking a shot.  The last and fourth option gives you ten seconds before taking three conservative shots.

Select your desired option and press lightly on the shutter button and the camera will begin to beep.  While this is happening you can 'strike' your favorite pose and the camera will take a photo after the seconds passed based on the option you chose.

With this camera and its flip up screen, this self timer feature is great to take some really awesome selfies.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Canon EOS M100 - Memory Card Error

In latest latest trip to Trinidad and Tobago my home country, I was about to capture some footage and realized that I was unable to take any photos or videos.  My camera was coming on but I just could not take out any videos or photos.  When i got home I thoroughly checked my camera and still had the same problem.  I became very concerned.

When I put on the camera the message I got was MEMORY CARD ERROR which implied that something was wrong with the memory card.  I looked at the card closely and realized that the tip of the card was broken and might have gotten stuck in the memory card compartment which is quite small and I was unable to see if anything was stuck in it.

I decided to purchased a new memory card while I was in Trinidad and to my surprise it did not work in the camera.  There were times, the damaged card worked and times it did not work - I was able to take out photos.  I looked online to see if I could find videos with information that could help me but I did not find anything that helped.

My next step was to take my camera to one of my local store that sells camera accessories to see if they could help me.  To make a short story long I ended up buying another memory card which worked great in my camera.  I am so happy I was becoming very concerned about my Canon EOS M100 Camera.  

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Close Up Photos With Up Canon EOS M100 Camera 📷

I took these really awesome photos with my Canon EOS M100 camera with some macro lens attached.