Friday, July 12, 2019

Honsky Cheap Memory Card Carrying Case Review - Memory Card Management

My video files take up alot of space on my laptop so to make more storage space, I would delete the old files. Some of these files I really would like to keep but an executive decision had to be made. 

Another way I would back up my files is to upload the original footage to YouTube.  But I have heard many of my Youtuber creators friends report that they have lost their channels so that is not really a secure back up plan.

I recently decided to transfer my video files from my computer to a memory card.    But the thing is, I don't have any way to store these memory cards.  I eventually realized just putting the cards in my camera case loosely, is not a proper memory card storage practice.

So after doing some research, I realized that there are cases in which these memory cards can be stored plus some of these cases are water proof.  Of course, there are a variety of  different types of memory card storing cases and at different  prices.  Some cases can hold more cards than others.

Initially I was going to purchase a Pelican case but then ended up purchasing a Honsky waterproof memory card case that has a cute butterflies pattern on the outside of the case.

This memory card case can hold 8 regular size memory cards and 8 micro memory cards

This case can easily fit in my small camera bag, hand bag and even my cross body bag.

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