Monday, July 8, 2019

How To Set Canon EOS M100 Camera To Record Time Lapse Video

What Is A Time Lapse?
I really love this feature of the Canon EOS M100 and always look for opportunities to use it.  
How to set the Canon EOS M100 Camera to record a time lapse.

Put on the camera.  
Switch the dial to movie settings.  
Click on the menu button. Under option 1 you will see Record Mode. 

Select Time Lapse Option and select OK.

Click on the Menu option again.  Select option 6
Select Time Lapse Movie settings.  The following options are available.
  • Scene 1 for shooting moving subjects such as walking people
  • Scene 2 shoot slowly changing subjects such as clouds
  • Scene 3 for shooting slowly changing scenes

Select the option that you desire.  Take note of the number of shots that will be taken and the specified time.  You can also adjust the amount of shots and the length of time required it take the shots. When done, Select OK

Set up your camera on a tripod and position where you want to take your time lapse footage.

Press on the record button and the camera will do the rest.

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