Saturday, August 31, 2019

Close Up Photo Of My Green Invasive Iguana Buddy |:| British Virgin Islands

I have learned so much about my little buddy recently.  Eventhough he is a green invasive iguana, he is not that bright green any more.  The older they get, the darker green his skin becomes and they can no longer camouflage on the banana tree leaves.  In my last post, I mentioned that he was injured because his tail was chopped.

I later learned that they have a mechanism whereby they have the ability to break off their tails to get away from a predator and the tail would grow back.  Well my little buddy seems to be getting as much rest as he can.  I know its him because there are alot of flies hanging around his tail.  I need to give my buddy a name😉😉

Anyway with all that being said, the last photo I took was with my canon EOS M100 camera with the 24-45mm lens attached.  I had a desire to get a closer photo so I went digging for my Nikon D60 DSLR camera but unfortunately, the battery needed charging and I just could not find the cord to attach to the charger.  So I purchased another battery charger this one does not have a cord.

This photo was taking with my Nikon D60 with a zoom lens attached.  My buddy was nestled amount the vines so I was unable to get a good shot of his body.  I will definitely be making more attempts now that I have my Nikon D60 back in action!!!

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