Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Invasive Green Iguana In My Backyard - Tortola British Virgin Islands

Iguana in my backyard.  I see them quite frequently.  They love hiding out and hanging out on the banana trees. In the United States Virgin Islands, they are endangered species so  you will see the very old iguanas just chilling on trees and if you are lucky you just might see one at the mall!  Honestly a few years ago, we saw one outside the mall in St. Thomas.

Photo was taken with my Canon EOS M100 camera with the 15-45mm lens attached.  I cropped the photo with paint.net and the resolutions still looks amazing!!!

Check out my photo of an iguana in 2011.  CLICK HERE


  1. In Trinidad, some people would be trying to catch him to make a pot.

    1. That is so true, the iguana species definitely would not survive in Trinidad and Tobago. But the Guyanese population in the British Virgin Islands eat this the iguana meat as well. I hope they don't see my post and come looking for iguanas in my area! LOL!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!!!


Thanks soooo much for commenting on my content . I makes me super happy!!!