Thursday, August 29, 2019

Injured Invasive Green Iguana, Tortola British Virgin Islands

Another photo of my little buddy.  But today I am sharing this photo on a sad note.  On Tuesday August 27, I found out that he is injured.  His tail was chopped ...  not completely so he is walking around with piece of his tail just hanging on to his body. If you look closely at the photo you will see that his tail looks funny. 

He looks at me as if he is asking for help.😔😔😔  Yesterday, August 28, tropical storm Dorian, which developed into a hurricane, passed through the territory and my dear friend held on to the banana tree leaf for dear life!!!!  

I am wondering if iguanas are an endangered species in the BVI and if there is someone who can help me help my little buddy 😔😔

I have subsequently learnt is that it is perfectly natural for Green Iguanas like him to lose part of their tail to help them escape a predator/threat, so his tail will actually regrow over time and he won’t be in any pain from his injury! the bad news, is that Green iguanas are actually an invasive species here in the bvi so they have no protection legally. 

The Anegada rock iguana (which are an endangered species in the BVI) are not that shade of green and I believe does not have those spikes either.   These iguanas are native to the bvi.

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