Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Review Of Puregear Universal Car Mount

I have been doing some videos where record my route while driving.  these videos have been doing very well.  The response is great.  So It has encouraged me to do more videos like these.

The first two videos I did my husband drove while I held my camera to record our route. It was a bit tiring and a bit uncomfortable for me and at the end of the trip my shoulders were sore.

In the next two videos, I decided to make a trip on my own as my husband has to work.  But I need a way to record my route so I found a mini tripod that I got when I purchased my Canon EOS M100 camera and I was able to mount it on the dashboard of my vehicle.

So I decided to purchase a mount for my windshield and got a Puregear Universal Car Mount that I purchased in my local store. Purchase price US$45.00.  The package also contained a mount for the air vent.

Items in the box were:

Friday, November 1, 2019

Photos Of Scary Spiders Just In Time For Halloween 2019

I saw these spiders today just by accident just outside the front of my house.  So I went back into the house and attached three close up filters (+10, +1, +4) to my Canon EOS M100 camera and returned to get these awesome photos!!!  Just in time for the Halloween!!  Look at the spider web in the next photo!!!

I have recently been using the Photos application on my desktop and I find it is quite helpful.  When I double click on any photo, there is an edit and create option.  There I was able to crop these photos to get the results you see in this post.  On another occasion, I took a photo of a friend of mine and the photo had a white wash look to it.  I was able to edit the photos and get a result that I was very pleased with.