Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sunrise Hawks Nest Tortola British Virgin Islands

What a magnificent view to start the day.  My husband and I left home around 6:00am to go to his nephew's house which is located on Hawks Nest, Tortola British Virgin Islands.  As we arrived there we were greeted with this super fabulous view of the sunrise and of course I had to pull out my camera and take some photos.

My new-in-law was also there and he too capturing the stunning scenes with his camera.  So I took the opportunity to take a photo of him standing by the mini pool with the sunrise in the background.  Perfect photo composition!!


Friday, September 4, 2020

Hzrfun Cell Phone Holder For Car Dashboard Clip Review

On my YouTube channel I have a few videos in which I drive around Tortola British Virgin Islands.  The very first video I did was and still is very popular on my channel - I drove around Road Town Tortola, actually my husband drove and I did the recording using my Canon EOS M100 camera.  

On another trip we drove from Road Town to West End (on the southern coast road).  It was a tiring trip for me as I held my camera sturdy while my husband drove, at the end my shoulders and back were tired.

With the purchase of my Canon EOS M100 camera there was a mini tripod in the kit so I decided to use it to mount my cell phone and set up on the dashboard of my car.  The dashboard of my car has a groove where I can set the tripod.  This set up worked okay until I drove over the hills and the tripod fell out of position.  Occasionally I had to hold the tripod in place to prevent it from falling out.  

I tried getting footage this way because I didn't want to bother my husband plus it was very tiring to hold the camera sturdy for long periods whole he drove.  I purchased a cell phone mount for the windshield but the phone vibrated while I drove and I was not pleased with the footage.  Relocating these mounts is always a problem for me as they don't stick on to the windshield as good as the first time.

On my trip to Trinidad at the end of 2019, I purchased a web cam as I thought this was the best solution for me but unfortunately I damaged the compartment that stores the sd card.

Recently I purchased a Hzrfun Cell Phone Holder For Car Dashboard Clip.  I chose those one as I know that there is a section on my vehicle dashboard that can facilitate a clip like this.  Its a simple design which allows me to position my cell phone at different angles to get the view that I want.  

I am loving this cell phone clip, recording videos while driving is so much easier now.  I can even clip the cell phone onto my steering wheel and so a selfie recording.  On one occasion I did a selfie recording with the clip attached onto the dashboard but the steering wheel was in front my face.  But I still went ahead and did the recording.  See the video below to see what I am talking about.  

My only problem now is as my cell phone is set up on my dashboard to record, after about 15-20 minutes, the temperature on my dashboard gets very hot - my phone as well and stops recording.