Monday, February 8, 2021

My Photography Equipment Trials On My Trip To Virgin Gorda BVI

In 2019 I recorded a video in which I shared 4 things you should do before going on a photography field trip.  To read my blog post, CLICK HERE

Recently I went on a sponsored road trip to Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.  I had everything organized, or so I thought.  I packed my camera, made sure the battery was fully charged.  I even packed my car charger for my cell phone.  As back up, I packed my EOS Canon camera with a brand new SD memory card.

The type of video that I recorded:  I clipped my cell phone holder onto the dashboard of the vehicle then inserted the cell phone into the holder.  As we drove, I recorded the route.  The problem here was even though the phone was full charged, it did not have enough memory space.  These types of videos are pretty long so their took up quite a bit of memory space on the phone.  Before long all the memory space on the phone was used up.

So I turned to my back up - EOS Canon camera the only thing was I had to hold the camera in my hand to do the recording which was very unsteady.  What I ended up doing was, as we stopped occasionally, I would get some short video footages.  This was working well until ....  guess what?

The camera battery needed charging and I did not have a back up battery.

Maybe I should have go get a device where I can transfer my files from my phone to a external hard drive.

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