Welcome to MJphotorama!!!  My name is Martina Jackson and photography has always been my passion since I was a young teenager.  In those days, we used the film technology where by each time we had to purchase a roll of film.  Initially we used to purchase Kodak film then Fuji came out with a brand that was much cheaper. 
In those days we only took pictures that we really wanted.  The next process was to take the film to a film processing store.  That process use to take up to a week then the technology was advanced and shop owners purchased more modern equipment and customers were able to get their film developed in one hour.

I use to upload my photos to a stock photography website and because of a late payment issue, my account was terminated and I lost all my photos.  I was really upset by that.  

I had a deep desire to have my website to showcase my photos so I started using the services of Zenfolio which was going pretty good and again I lost some photos due to a payment issue.

The last website I had was with WordPress.  The theme I chose was really cool and I hired someone on fiverr.com to design the website.  But I notice that it took a little while to download when you access the website and of course this will deter my viewers.  On top of that I had issues accessing the back office.  I paid for a domain name as well as hosting.  

During all this time I was using blogger but I found that my blog did not have the look that I really wanted.  Now I am realizing that blogger is a much more reliable website to work with.  My website was named photographers-art at the time.  

I have uploaded quite a few photos on this platform over the years and they are still there.  I have not lost any.  So I have decided to stick with this platform to showcase my photos and it is free!!!

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  1. Dear MJ,

    I'm trying to reach you. Could you please email: diandradance@gmail.com or Facebook message me? Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Diandra Jones


Thanks soooo much for commenting on my content . I makes me super happy!!!